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Fun and Helpful Links

Flip Books
How to make a flip book
Username: greenacres1
Password: read
Taste of the World
CIA World Factbook
Choose your country and learn about the history, economy, government, and geography.
World Book Encyclopedia
Search for you country and use the great features on this website. The text-to-speech feature will read aloud and help you follow along. The username is nhbook. The password is barn.
National Geographic Mapmaker
Customize a map of your country with landmarks, cities, and layers of information. You can make a satellite map or a map showing what your country looks like at night.
Nutmeg Challenge
Author Websites
Research Links
This is a great website for early research. The username is: greenacresnh. The password is: read.
World Book Online
World Book Online is based on the noted encyclopedia and is a great project resource. It has several features that offer special aids for the 21st century. Believe it or not, this resource will read the article aloud to you. It can be translated into 27 different languages and will link you to several outside websites that will provide additional reliable information on your topic. Not sure what a word in an article means? Double click the word and the definition appears. Click on the "Read article aloud" feature and hear the article read to you. Most World Book Kids articles have photo and some have video clips imbedded within the article. If more information is needed, click on World Book Student at the end of the article.
User Name: nhbook Password: barn
DK Find out!
This is a free, online encyclopedia with great pictures to go with the information.
NatGeo Interactive Maps
Create custom maps using this website. Locate points or draw directions between two points. You can zoom in to your own state!
Create your own Comics!
Make Beliefs Comix
Use characters and settings to create a comic. Add speech or thought bubbles. You can print or email the finished comic.
Bit strips
This site has a lot of features, but you have to sign in to save your work. Ask a parent before using.
Write comics
No need to register, and you can save your comic right to your hard drive.
Hour of Code
Learn the basics of code with activities using Star Wars, MineCraft, and Ann and Elsa from Frozen.
Kahn Academy
"Learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & ProcessingJS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML & CSS. You can share whatever you create, explore what others have created and learn from each other."
Reading Online
Use your North Haven Library card number to access books online. Books are paired by content. Each pair includes a fiction and nonfiction book title.
Storyline Online
Listen to books read by members of the Screen Actors Guild.