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Welcome to Green Acres

As a result of their experience in the North Haven Public Schools, every student will acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of the 21st century.
North Haven Public Schools Values and Core Beliefs:
  • Faculty and staff have the capacity to contribute to continuous improvement in student achievement
  • District and school leadership must commit to improved student achievement
  • We must hold ourselves and each other to a standard of excellence and contribute to the positive school experience of all students
  • All students deserve highly effective instruction every day
  • Learning must be relevant, engaging, and challenging  

Green Acres Elementary School Mission Statement:
Kindness is spoken at Green Acres Elementary School as we strive to become Respectful, Responsible and Safe Citizens.

General Information:
Green Acres Elementary School is one of four elementary schools in North Haven, Connecticut. Our school provides educational experiences for children in pre-kindergarten through grade five. In addition to our classroom teachers, we have teachers in the areas of physical education, library/media, art, general and instrumental music.
Special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, a social worker, school psychologist, occupational and physical therapists, and our school nurse work with classroom teachers to meet the needs of our children. We also have a reading consultant, reading teacher, a language arts consultant, and math coach along with district math, science, and social studies coordinators.
Green Acres Elementary School has a contemporary and integrated day program. Teachers, support personnel, and the principal work collaboratively in making decisions aimed at excellent learning opportunities for our children. The integrated day program offers parents of students in kindergarten through grade five an alternative to the contemporary program with an information night held each spring. Children from the Montowese and Clintonville School districts also have the option of selecting this program at Green Acres.
We look to the North Haven Public Schools Vision Statement as we guide our students in acquiring skills for the 21st century.  As children enter school and continue their elementary experience, the immediate environment becomes part of their program. They learn to develop positive social relationships, being responsible, respectful and safe with peers and adults.

School Climate:
Our goal is to create an ongoing awareness, respect, and celebration of the diverse cultures within our school, our community and our world. 
A sampling of the Multicultural Activities enjoyed in recent years:
  • Taste of the World - 5th-grade students researched various countries around the world and studied the similarities and differences to their own culture.  They then shared their projects and findings with the rest of the school community.


  • Artist in Residence - A grant enabled Eshu to work with 2nd and 3rd-grade students on storytelling and creative writing.

  • Young Audiences Arts Showcase - Green Acres was the host site for over 50 performers and artists.  Our students were able to view and participate in multiple venues throughout the day.

  • Ginga Brasilia performed Capoeira dance which explains Brazilian culture and history.

  • Classroom visits with students and teachers visiting from The Primary School Attached to Shandong Normal University in China

  • Holidays: traditions and celebrations

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: classroom activities, songs, stories and website exploration 

  • Library classes in grades K-4 heard stories and discussed Dr. Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Movement, and King's nonviolent approach to change, modeled on Gandhi's changes in India. Students created written work on these ideas.  Students also heard stories based on folktales from other countries including One Grain of Rice, from India, The Snow Country Prince, from Japan, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, from West Africa.

  • African American Storyteller, Eshu Bumpus and Asian storyteller, Motoko shared cultural stories with all classes, through music, mime and words.

  • Instruments from around the world:  In music class students were introduced to several instruments from around the world. Kindergarteners took turns playing the guiro from Mexico and singing Minka" a Russian folk song.