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Lunch Schedule/Fees



Lunch Schedule:

    11:40  -  12:10  (K & 1st)

12:15  -  12:45  (2nd & 3rd)

12:50  -  1:20  (4th & 5th)

Price Increase 2015-16

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Lunch Fees:

       Milk is included with all purchased meals.
       Additionally, 8 oz. cartons are available ala carte at $ .60
       All reduced price lunches $ .40


For more information and the daily menus, CLICK HERE to visit FOOD SERVICE on the district page.


              Breakfast in the Classroom















Dear Parent / Guardian:


Healthy school meals are an important part of educating the whole child. Your child’s school District is dedicated to maintaining a Breakfast program which will be available in the classroom. Studies have shown eating a nutritious meal has beneficial effects on test scores, grades, and attendance.


Breakfast in the classroom is an exciting program which gives each student the opportunity to eat a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast every day. Students will be offered:

  •         A cold breakfast such as muffins and fruit that fits the age-appropriate guidelines established by the USDA.
  •         Low-fat/ Skim Milk or Fat-free Flavored Milk will be offered daily with the meal.
  •         Hot Breakfast Options.


Any accommodations that are stated in Individualized Health Care Plans and/or 504 plans will remain in place for children with food allergies and other medical conditions.


If your child has a food allergy, please contact the school nurse for additional information.          


If you would like your child to participate on a daily basis, please contact us at the number below and we will make the arrangements.


Breakfast menus will be posted on the school website and nutrition information will be available.


If you have any questions about this program or would like ingredient information for our products, please contact the cafeteria office at the number or email below. We are here to help!


Free = Free

Reduced = $0.40

Paid = $2.00


Salvatore Rizzo, Food Service Director
North Haven Public Schools
Office: 203-239-6415
Email: [email protected]