Tricia Coppola » Welcome to Grade 3 - Room 20!

Welcome to Grade 3 - Room 20!

Welcome to Grade 3-  Room 20!
Third grade is an exciting year of learning.  It is a year that children begin to find ownership in their independent learning and feel a sense of accomplishment as they begin to branch out. 
In reading children have learned how to read during kindergarten, first and second grades.  In third grade they are learning comprehension skills and how to understand the content of their passages. 
In math, children use their foundational skills of addition and subtraction to build upon.  They learn how to multiply through addition and how to divide through subtraction. 


Welcome to 3rd grade!  I am so excited to have you in my class!  You will love all of the exciting experiences that await you. I hope you are having a fun summer and are looking forward to a new year!

I can’t wait to hear all about your summer adventures and to tell you about mine!  I am enjoying spending lots of extra time with my family. We spent time in the west this summer.  We visited Las Vegas, Nevada. We also traveled to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was very exciting to go out on a glass walkway and feel like we were suspended over the canyon.  We made a quick stop at the Hoover Dam too. My family and I took our annual camping trip to Hopeville Pond State Park in Connecticut. We traveled with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  It is a trip we all look forward to each year. We roasted marshmallows, swam, fished, canoed, and played a lot of cornhole while we were there.

I have also enjoyed relaxing with some good books in my free time. What have you been reading over the summer?  Remember to bring your Governor’s Reading Challenge book list back to school. If you don’t have the sheet anymore, just write the titles you have read on any piece of paper.  Please bring an independent reading book with you on the first day!  I can’t wait to see what you like to read!

I will have all the supplies that you need at school!  If at any time during the year you wish to donate supplies to the classroom, regular pencils, cap erasers and glue-sticks are always needed! 

Enjoy your last days of vacation!  Enclosed you will find the following items for you and your parents to fill out.  Please bring them on the first day!

  • Index Card for parent contact information
  • Surveys for you and your parents to fill out 

See you on Wednesday, August 28 for our first day!  Don’t forget to wear a smile to share with your new friends in room 20!


Mrs. Coppola